Judy Young

Author & Speech Instructor

Judy Young began teaching Speech and Accent Reduction in 1991. She had attended Columbia College Chicago, where she studied writing, communications and media arts and broadcasting.

She later studied speech and acting at the Ted Liss Studio in Chicago, now known as the Chicago Actor’s Studio. There she received extensive speech training from the late Ted Liss, then one of the top voice talents and speech instructors in the U.S. Among the alumni of the Ted Liss Studio are Virginia Madsen, Karl Malden, Tom Bosley, Geraldine Page and Robert Urich.

Judy originally taught speech and accent reduction only to actors. Realizing that this technique could be applied to help any person of any nationality, she refined and improved on what she had learned to help anyone to speak English more clearly and effectively. To date, she has successfully worked with over 36 different nationalities including German, Hindi, Korean, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish, among many others.

Judy teaches private and group lessons and webinars all over the world via Skype and Zoom.

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    "This week I had a meeting with my VP who didn't know I've been taking these classes. I was positively surprised when at the end of the meeting, she made sure to let me know that it is noticeable how much better my accent is and that she sees I am more confident now in speaking English."
    L.M., Brazil

    “I now have much more confidence in doing presentations for my job. People comprehend more what I am saying and I get through to people better."
    F.H., Spain

    “I have unlocked new capabilities I never knew I had and never thought possible to improve. The muscles I use for speaking are stronger and my voice is stronger and more resonant. I am making steady step-by-step progress. I now enjoy the way I sound when I speak English!”
    D.N., Russia

    "Simple Accent Reduction has enabled me to clearly distinguish every sound and how these are formed...The exercises help you to strengthen your muscles and get rid of bad habits."
    R. C., Actor - Mexico

    "I am happy with myself when I can communicate clearly and be understood easily by others. The Simple Accent Reduction program improved the quality of my life professionally and personally.”
    C. P., Korea

    "I now know how to speak the sounds of English!"
    H.P., Germany

    "Judy's work is great. She has a deep understanding of the subject and is able to spot the sources of foreign accents and work with you until you're able to change it to the American accent. The whole program is very useful!"
    F. F., Actor - Brazil

    "Simple Accent Reduction applies to anyone who wants to speak English better. In order to speak better, we need to train the muscles used for speaking. It gives exercises to strengthen the muscles for speaking. This has helped with my Korean and Chinese pronunciation as well as English. I highly recommend this program!”
    Jane Shen., Owner
    All Nations Language Center-LA, CA