Remove the barriers to speaking English so you can have:

  • Improved business relationships
  • A greater ability to be understood
  • More confidence in speaking English
  • Successful communication in life

Ideal For:

  • Business Executives
  • ESL Learners
  • Actors
  • Public Speakers
  • Students
  • Anyone Wishing to Improve Their Speech

Simple Accent Reduction Program Overview

Expansion Package Materials Overview

Over the past 25 years, Judy Young has successfully worked with students of the following Nationalities:

Japan, Italy, Spain, Russia, Czech Republic, China, Korea, Poland, France, Tunisia, England, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Chile, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Congo, Cameroon, Taiwan, Venezuela, Canada (French and English), Israel, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland (French and German), Philippines, Malaysia, Fiji, Armenia, Haiti, United States - regional accents and speech difficulties including slurred speech, stuttering, pronunciation improvement.

"Judy Young's very capable book provides the drills and examples to put YOU in charge of your accent, so you can develop skills at your own speed to speak English like a native speaker. Practical, well-organized and fun!"

–Jim Meskimen, Actor
Parks & Recreation, Impress Me, Apollo 13

“Judy is an amazing coach. I'm working with her on my dialect and I'm very happy to have an incredible result. Recently on a movie set I had to speak with an American accent. I was the only actor who did not need to have her speech corrected. I am Russian and all other actors were from the US. This technique is very helpful and valuable for me!"

–Gia Skova, Actress